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María Elena Muñoz Jandra

I always remind myself with an oil painting box, a handful of brushes and some board of indeterminate edges, cartons from old folders or a packaging of some shirt that I used to represent my paintings.

I led, however, my studies to linear drawing and I worked as a draughtsman until 1997. Without leaving what I really love and what I got to study individually, completing this self-education with courses of representation techniques and courses about painting of codices.

Since the year 2000 I concentrate my work in the development and painting of icons and paschal candles. In 2006 I have the grace of represent an icon copy of a mural from Kiko Argüello, who gives me permission and the guidelines to represent his work.

In 2013 was created Icons and Candles, from a small workshop in Madrid that grows more and more thanks to the trust of our products and the effort we put in it.

Currently we send our paschal candles all over the world for its unique character and quality. During the rest of the year, we paint icons on board and works of religious art on candles, making the art a service for the liturgy.


Débora Martínez Muñoz

I always remember my mum surrounded by candles, boards, paintings and gold leaf. At the beginning at home what aroused my curiosity to the iconography.


Big eyes, the expressions and the light that emits icons, finally defined my vocation to the beauty, to leave in 2005 my previous work and to start my studies in the Art College at the field of Wall Applied Arts.

Completed my studies, I join my mum in the workshop every day, learning her skill, her brushstrokes and a large amount of oriental iconography books which I try to surround myself.

The curiosity has given way to effort, to long and intense hours that craft and iconography require, to contribute the liturgy to its original beauty.