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God blesses humanity with men called to the sacrament of priestly ordination.

The ordination day of a new priest is a great celebration, with a deep sense, where the priest is anointed and called not only for this life: he gives himself to the Eternity.

With the spirit to join our friends, brothers and sisters in faith, relatives in this day and in his faith, we bring this list of specific gifts.

First of all, our ICONS that have been given in many ordinations.

For its great spiritual value: “the one who prays surrounded by holy icons revives the combat of those who represent icons. He is carried in spirit to that climate of piety that it becomes to him in source of learning and of encouragement. He feels that Saints are with him and he is with them. In so doing, he gathers strength, he is appeased and he is raised with prayers and humiliations”. Metropolitan Emilianos Timiadis.

This is just a small sample, you can order us the image that inspires you or the icon of a saint who the priest has devotion.
The icons are delivered in a case, with an iconographic explanation that helps to get closer and to pray with the icon.
Prices vary in accordance with the image and the sizes of the icons (the sizes of images do not correspond to which we expose below).

Icon with simple image, for example, the one of Saint Martin of Porres:
Smaller size 23×27 cm 199€.
Larger size 45×33 cm 299€.

Icon with a complex image, for example, the Washing of the feet:
Smaller size 23×27 cm 339€.
Larger size 45×33 cm 479€.

We create icons in larger dimensions on order.

We are specialists in WAX-BASED PAINT, that´s why we also offer icons painted on candles, that they will accompany the priest in his prayers. You can add the ordination date or a phrase of the gospel.

Approximate prices:
Candle 6×20 cm, simple, in a single color 39€.
Candle 6×20 cm, complex, in colors and gold leaf 59€.
Candle 8×25 cm, in colors and gold leaf 90€.

We don´t have online shop. We are a small craftsman´s workshop in Madrid. Therefore to place an order, contact us by e-mail or by WhatsApp 626723709.