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Bellow, we show you an image gallery recommended, so you can choose the measure, quality and the perfect image to your church or community getting that way a unique product according to their needs.

Each of our candles, are made with the “noque” technique that confers them a color, smell, durability and unique finishes. On each of them we paint the desired model, gold-plated and painted directly on wax, ending them with a finish that protects and prepares them for the Paschal Liturgy and the Blessing of water.

Hours of dedication, the respect to the product the images and our atmosphere of prayer make our candles a true work of Religious Art.







Get the price of your candle

We are a craft workshop. Because of the unique value of our candles we don´t have online shop. To make an order, contact us by email [email protected]  by WhatsApp or calling 626723709 or through a comment on this website.

We thank you for doing the order at these dates. To make each of the candles, adapting the images, measures and needs of every parish, it takes us some time what makes October the appropriate month to place orders.

Please do not hesitate to ask for a personalized budget for your parish or community.

To reserve the order, you have to make an income of 70€ as a deposit, indicating the name and the parish.

We hope you find all this information useful and that we can help you to have in this Paschal celebration, quality and decent signs for our Risen Lord.



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