Paschal candles |

For years, we have made paschal candles to different cathedrals, parishes and Christian communities from all over the world.

cirio pascual catedral

Our paschal candles are hand painted on wax.

Respecting the images and making them a religious work of art worthy of the function that is going to represent.

Their features and qualities make our candles well-suited for liturgy, the blessing of the cross and the blessing of water.

You can choose between our models or with enough time, you can suggest us an image:



Pantocrator Biblia de San Luis

Paschal candle, Pantocrator image from Saint Luis Bible.Ask for a budget without obligation writing to, leave us a message or contact us by phone or WhatsApp 626723709. Stating the measures, the image and the quality of wax that you want the candle.

You can order your candle throughout the year. From the month of May to the month of December, you can order your candle in a special measure, with the image and the quality of wax that you want. The amount of work from January to April is higher so we must confirm you that we can make your order.

Once your order is processed we will make it with the professionalism and care that characterizes us. The realization time varies. The realization of your order ensures that the paschal candle will reach its final destination on Easter Night.