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The icon is a testimony of lowering of God to man as well as the impulse from man to God through the beauty.

In our small workshop we spend much of our time to icon painting by Byzantine style. We make it in an environment for prayer and following some of the most ancient iconographic traditions.

We paint icons on wooden board of birch prepare for this purpose, with natural pigments, in oils or acrylics according to the icon. All are gilded with gold leaf from 22 to 24 carats.

We take care over every detail and we respect images of the saints, the different titles for the Virgin and biblical scenes.

We make large size icons for churches and small icons for homes, knowing that the icon is a presence of Christ, Mary, the angels or saints. They join us in celebrations and in our family atmosphere, where they take part of our feelings, our joys or our sorrows, interceding for our worries, our projects and our concerns.

The following images are a small sample of our work in the last few years.

Icons are made using handicraft, there is no icon equal to another, their small details and imperfections of wood, make them a unique and personal creation, for the person who receives the icon. Therefore what follows, we lay out some measures and prices that are approximated:

Icon of 20×25 cm with a simple image of the virgin or Saints: 250€.

Icon of 20×25 cm which is represented a complex image as the Washing of the feet: 370€.

Icon of 30×40 cm with a simple image as the Virgin of Tenderness: 420€.

Icon 30×40 cm which is represented a complex image as the Martyrdom of St. Stephen: 600€.

Icons of special size or murals for churches, consult us.

All icons include an iconographic explanation that helps to understand and pray with the icon.

You can ask for an uncompromised budget by our email: pedidos@iconosycirios.com . Please leave us your comment or contact us by phone or WhatsApp 626233709. Send us all your doubts and we will be delighted to answer you.

Seeing the new needs of evangelization and the new family situations, we have made simple and household icons of 15×20 cm, following the original sketches that are painted on a board and gilded with leaf of 22 carats, with a unique price of 55€.

Make orders in pedidos@iconosycirios.com, WhatsApp 626723709 or any comment.