Candles and icons for weddings |

Firstly we present you our CANDLES FOR ENGAGED COUPLES.

They are a detail that the couple can choose to be part of the altar along with the flowers. It can also be a gift to make them, fully customized with their names, a quotation from de Bible and the images that you want.

To remember such a special day and they can light over their marriage years in moments of prayer.

In the image you can see it in golden leaf and we can make it in silver leaf too. They are special for the 25 years and golden wedding anniversary, adding the initial date of the wedding and the current date.

We have a single candle to give to the couples, in this case without golden leaf, with an image and on the back of the candle with their names, the date and a short phrase. You can see two of them in the last photo.

Prize for the couple of the candles for the altar: 120€

Prize of one candle: 70€

Thinking about the homes that they receive it, we also make HAND PAINTED ICONS.

“After passing these 50 years of marriage standing beside you, we have accompanied in the faith, we would not be able to give another thing”. This is the comment that a community made to a marriage that day that celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, given them an icon and we believe that summarizes the desire that have guided you this far.

The desire to give an icon it makes you part of the work of God, as the icon, beyond being a work of art, it is a sacramental. A living image of the Virgin, the saints or Christ that lives in the house of the person who receives it.

These have been some of the motifs chosen in the last months, all of them given in new marriages and golden and silver wedding anniversaries.

Icons have been painted on wooden board of birch and gilded with gold leaf of 22 carats.

They are ready to hang and they are adorned with crossbeams imitating the dovetail. It can be added an inscription on the back as you see in the image.

They are delivered with a case and an iconographic explanation. It contains various details that make the icon, approaching the family who receives it to the mystery and the prayer of this sacramental.

Prices of the icons:

Icon 20×25 cm.

With simple image: 250€, for example: Virgin of Tenderness.

Complex image or scene: 370€, for example: Icon the Holy Family.

Icon 40×30 cm.

Simple image: 420€, for example: a Virgin or a saint.

Complex image or scene: 470€-600€, for example: Cana Wedding, Betrothal or Meeting.

VAT included on all prices, in no case delivery expenses are included. In the case of candles and small icons 5€ in Spain. Larger icons 10€ in Spain.

You may see other icons at this link.

To purchase or give candles or icons that we show you, you can also contact us from our website or by WhatsApp 626723709. We undertake the candles as well as the icons under order, due to its unique features, although sometimes we have some icons that have already be painted.